Privacy and security are incredibly important to us. We use Google for login and authentication, so we don't store passwords, you don't need to create a new password, and you don't need to reuse a password (which you should avoid doing).

Google will know you've visited our site. We use Google Analytics for basic website usage information. Check out How Google uses data when you use our partners sites or apps. Google Analytics gives us a general idea of which pages on our website are popular, but not identifying information about any particular user. We rely on ads and Google ads to pay for this site, so the ad companies collect some data to provide a relevant ad. If you want to opt-out of interest-based advertising, you can do so here.

If you give us the information, we save it somewhere. For example, if you give us your name, we'll remember it. As a general rule, we save as little as possible.

If you enable the app to read your contacts for autocomplete or invites it'll import those, but only the ones that end in We do not want your grandma's email address unless she has an student and is scheduling classes. This site doesn't edit your contact data; it only asks for read-only access.

If you post a used book for sale, potential buyers will be able to email you.

We will delete user accounts more than 3 years old because you will not need this account after you graduate, and we don't want your information longer than necessary.